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At Pebblestone Financial, we understand there is no one single reason someone is in high interest rate credit card debt. And that’s why we don’t offer a one-size fits all solution. We take time to speak with you, listen to your personal financial history, and create a program that helps you get out of high interest rate credit card while strengthening your financial footing.

Our goal is to free you of your debt burden faster and more affordably by providing lower rate options that may be able to reduce both your monthly payments and the length of time it will take to retire the debt.

Once an application has been completed we determine which programs or loans you may qualify for. If you are eligible, we pair you with a loan company that is able to provide a consolidation loan to immediately improve your financial position and provide a long term method to to solve your debt problems.

How to Maximize Savings with Price Match Policies

Retail companies want to build a base of loyal customers, and many stores create policies designed to build customer trust. Matching competitor prices is one way to build loyalty while giving customers the confidence they are getting the best price for items they want to purchase.

Common Price Matching Policies

Not all price matching policies are created equal. Most companies have a range of exceptions including how long they will match a lower price and which ones qualify.

Timeframe of the Match

Major retailers have different policies which range from the time of purchase and extend as far out as 90 days. There are times when companies run promotions, particularly on pre-holiday purchases. The policy assures a buyer that if a retailer, including the company where you made the purchase, runs a promotion at a lower price on the same item, you can get the difference.

Common Disqualifiers

  • Sameness: Most retailers require the item to be exactly the same in the brand, size, etc.
  • Does not include percent off, free shipping or other bonuses
  • Clearance items, closeouts, or going out of business sales
  • Rebates
  • Third party sellers

Who Matches Competitor Pricing

The popularity of competitor matching policies has led many retailers to get onboard. Companies expanding policies include major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Kohls, The Home Depot, JC Penny, and more. Some fast food restaurants chains such as McDonald’s and a number of grocery store outlets also participate.

The Krazy Coupon Lady offers a list of 17 major retailers, which as of October 2017, have price matching policies.

Online Versus in Store

Most brick and mortar stores will match competitor prices found at online retailers as well as those offered by local chains. Some companies have a list of specific stores which qualify for the program.

How to Receive the Lower Price

Ask. In most cases, the sales associate at checkout can adjust the price. You will need a copy of the physical advertisement, or the lower price pulled up on your smartphone, at a qualifying retailer, to gain the discount. To get the lower price online, connect with a sales associate through the chat feature, call, or send the company an email.

Wal-Mart Price Matching App

Wal-Mart offers a generous price matching policy that comes with an app and an automated process for saving money. The Walmart’s Savings Catcher App, free for iOS and Android phones, gives you additional savings automatically. After making a purchase, you scan the receipt. The app compares prices of the purchased items across 28 competitors. To qualify, you must scan the receipt within seven days of purchase. If the app identifies a lower price, it will credit you the difference through a Walmart Reward eGift Card or an American Express gift card.

Amazon Price Check App

Amazon offers a price checker app that also compares prices across retailers. You scan the barcode of an item you want to purchase, and the app will locate the lowest price. If the lowest price is not in the Amazon store, it will match the lowest price found to earn your business.

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**Qualification for loans is based on information in your credit report indicating that you meet certain criteria. Qualification is not guaranteed if you do not meet select criteria.