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At Pebblestone Financial, we understand there is no one single reason someone is in high interest rate credit card debt. And that’s why we don’t offer a one-size fits all solution. We take time to speak with you, listen to your personal financial history, and create a program that helps you get out of high interest rate credit card while strengthening your financial footing.

Our goal is to free you of your debt burden faster and more affordably by providing lower rate options that may be able to reduce both your monthly payments and the length of time it will take to retire the debt.

Once an application has been completed we determine which programs or loans you may qualify for. If you are eligible, we pair you with a loan company that is able to provide a consolidation loan to immediately improve your financial position and provide a long term method to to solve your debt problems.

How a Spending Freeze Can Jump-Start Your Financial Goals

Halting spending, over a designated time, can help you build stronger financial habits, pay closer attention to spending, and bring focus to your financial commitments. A spending freeze is like a financial detox.

You cleanse the budget and finish with a clearer understanding of where you are and where you want to go, financially. Making the most of a financial detox includes the following:

How Do You Start?

Start with the why. Set specific goals for what you want to achieve and put a dollar amount for desired savings. How much will the absence of spending save and where will you put the savings at the end of the spending freeze. Most families can save a couple of hundred dollars with a one-week pause on spending. Starting with a two or three-day break might render a gain of $50 to $100, depending on current spending habits.

What is the big picture goal? With a diet detox, the goal is most often to lose weight, jumpstart a longer-term diet, or clear body toxins to increase energy. For a financial detox pick one or more big picture goals you want to achieve. It might be to get on top of the monthly budget, get back on track from a month you overspent, reduce debt, get in the habit of saving for retirement or begin saving for a special event or holiday. Knowing the big picture will help you focus and stay on track during the spending break.

Pick a timeframe. Do you to freeze spending for a weekend, week, two weeks, or even a month. For the first time, it is best to start with a weekend or three days and build from there. The time you choose will depend on current spending habits and your level of willpower and self-control. Stretch yourself, but keep the goal within reach.

Lay out the rules. For some families, a spending freeze means zero spending. You buy essential required in advance of the detox, including gas in the car and bills paid in advance. Then go a set time spending no money. Others choose a more flexible route allowing expenses like power bills, gas, and fresh foods to stay on the table. The guidelines you choose are not the most important part. It is that you set rules for yourself that you follow, helping you to calculate and regulate your success.

Establish a specific start date and stock up before you begin. For an effective spending freeze, fill the vehicle with gas, complete your regular weekly grocery shopping, and ensure you have essential toiletries on hand. Being stocked up on essentials will give you the highest chance of success.

Eat from the pantry. Food is one of the biggest discretionary costs. You eaut out, overbuying at the grocery store, and end up with extra food in the freezer or pantry. Preparing meals from the food you have on hand will reduce waste and give you practice being creative in the kitchen. Pick a few ingredients you have on hand and put the word “recipe” after the ingredients to find interesting dishes that could lead to new family favorites.

Discover free things to do. A spending freeze eliminates dinners out, a trip to the movies, and other forms of entertainment. Instead of spending your weekend watching television, explore your town, plan a family game night, or read an adventure novel as a family. On warm days visit a local park or greenway, ride a bike, visit the library, or enjoy free local concerts. Use the lack of spending for quality family time focused more on each other than the consumption of goods.

Focus on changing habits rather than deprivation. You should practice a spending freeze on a regular basis, and over time you will build an increased awareness of current spending habits. Convert your discoveries into meaningful changes in your budget. There will be things you do not miss and others that feel like a bigger sacrifice. Eliminate the unimportant spending and find less expensive ways to enjoy the things you miss the most. For example, if you find you miss your daily latte, purchase a machine and make them at home to save money.

Benefits of a Spending Freeze

A clearer understanding of where you spend money in comparison with what is most important. One of the key benefits of a spending freeze is to identify unnecessary spending and to find inexpensive alternatives.

JumpStart financial goals. Just as it is difficult to remain on a strict diet for months on end, it is also a challenge to stick with a strict budget over time. A spending freeze can refocus energy and keep you motivated to reach a larger goal. Look back on what you accomplished last year and what financial accomplishments lay ahead. Center your “uwhy,” around these goals as a motivator to save money and achieve success faster.

Increase willpower. The more you practice using willpower, the more you have. Avoiding retail outlets, convenience stores, online shopping, and other temptations you experience on a weekly basis will teach you to resist the urge to make impulse purchases.

Get the budget back on track. In addition to jumpstarting financial goals, a break in spending can also rescue you from a month of overspending. Whether it was a necessary expense, you did not plan for, or a moment of weakness, a spending freeze can bring you in under budget for the current month. Expenses are not uniform from month to month a spending detox can even out the ebb and flows.

It is possible to live within a monthly budget while enjoying a high-quality life. Sometimes it takes an event such as a spending freeze to bring everything into focus.

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**Qualification for loans is based on information in your credit report indicating that you meet certain criteria. Qualification is not guaranteed if you do not meet select criteria.