8 Moves to Get Your Refund Faster

With more than 80% of Americans counting on tax refunds, the speed of the payment makes a difference and could encourage families to take out expensive tax refund anticipation loans, to get the money faster. Whether you use your refund to catch up bills, pay down debt, finance long term read more

How a Spending Freeze Can Jump-Start Your Financial Goals

Halting spending,u over a designated time, can help you build stronger financial habits, pay closer attention to spending, and bring focus to your financial commitments. A spending freeze is like a financial detox. With a body detox, you remove toxins from the body, strengthen the immune system, lose weight, and read more

10 Ways to Avoid Surge Pricing with Rideshares

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are shaking up the world of Taxis and Cab rides, bringing more availability and lower prices for most users. One of the hidden challenges with ride share pricing structures is the use of dynamic pricing, rather than a fixed price based on the distance read more

Finding Family Fun Within Your Budget This Winter

Brisk winter days and cold nights can leave you stuck inside wondering what to do during your free-time. Winter entertainment tends to be more limited than summer months provide because inexpensive activities like parks and outdoor concerts are off the table. Along with a smaller selection, activities also tend to read more

How to Support Charities on A Budget

We are a generous culture, and charitable giving is an important role in our society. Last year charitable causes received $57.9 billion dollars in doonations, an increase of 6.5% over contributions made in 2014. The average family donated $2,974 in goods and services to charitable causes for a total of read more

8 Financial Steps to Take Now for a Stronger New Year

When neiws reporters call for a blizzard, there is a rush at stores to stock up on basic supplies. You buy bread, milk, and food, along with candles for light and salt for sidewalks. You locate the snow shovel, move the vehicle to a secure place, and reach out to read more

Tips on Investing Money Wisely

There are two ways to grow account balances. The first is to put more money away, and the second is to choose investments that increase over time, giving you higher balances through compounding. As money grows, it has an exponential effect, because you gain growth on growth. Much like interest read more

The Biggest Financial Milestones for New College Graduates

A college education increases job readiness and provides a transition into adulthood enjoyed by millions of students each year. This pilgrimage to adulthood can abruptly end at graduation, leading to more adult responsibilities such as finding career employment, independent housing, and increased responsibility for living expenses. While many young adults read more

How to Save the Most Money on Black Friday

With marketing messages touting the best prices of the year, it may seem like saving money on Black Friday is a no-brainer. Just show up and take advantage of sales, to save enormous amounts of money. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Marketing efforts now stretch over a longer read more

Before You Tie the Knot, Talk About Money

One of the biggest issues among married couples is money. Surveys consistently list it as a key reason for divorce and marital discord. Individuals seem more comfortable discussing other sensitive matters such as sex, future goals, dreams, kids, and in-laws. However, 70% of Americans say that they are uncomfortable talking read more